Contribution to the GCSP Webinar "Diplomatic Dialogue 2.0" - 2020-11-25

Innovative approaches to dialogue amid the "new normal" - What are the challenges for the Diplomatic Dialogue (DD) amid COVID-19? How can tools and new approaches to facilitation benefit DD 2.0 and how can we look beyond the track 1-3 models?

In the context of the 25th anniversary of the GCSP, I contributed to this event.

Four speakers will assess the technical challenges the dialogue process faces in times of COVID-19. We will offer solutions for the technical aspects of dialogue through innovative use of technologies. Further, we will discuss the facilitation of virtual events, creating a network of opportunities and personal links between participants in spite of distance and virtuality. We will raise questions how these new opportunities enable us to extend the track 1-3 model and to involve new actors in dialogue activities, e.g. the private sector, journalists, influencers etc.



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